February Digest 2019

February Digest 2019

February Digest 2019

The following digest covers the month of February 2019.

Staff Changes:


Development Highlights:


Fixed a possible mail send server crash (2c47569f)

Fixed a possible pet server crash (dd084234)

Fixed a possible script exploit (25aaeec1, 8e325e41)

Added the battle_config limits (from pc_changelook) to changelook script command (b032aae3)

Added item bonus bNoWalkDelay (f235d89e)

Cleaned up script command argument parsing (1f97beae, 42b71e6f)

Fixed accessory equipping with cards (2ae2f25f)

Added gvg warning (92de3065)

Fixed Ice Wall units to match their official behavior (35611e78)

Converted remaining C comments (c5a5c545)

Corrected script commands containing arrays (d649ede4, 47866f60)

Fixed Camouflage skill (5d69a4fe)

Fixed an issue with progressbars (fc92a979)

Added correct allocation info to strlib (913cf875)

Fixed Taekwon Running fixed cast time (915c84f1)

Minor clean up in `clif_displaymessage` function (bfb6b831)

Corrected RODEX message size (7e649201)

Fixed definitions for DB pathing (a5c93b60)

Modified itemdb_read_flag error message (ec6c3698)

Fixed a duplicate path status (757a4593)


Updated Item DB (727078a6)

Corrected some card combos (360cc25c)

Fixed some item scripts (6a522e72)

Corrected loyal pet bonuses (37772211)

Corrected item DB of Wurst (214573ed)

Updated Eddga’s HP (4bf57de2)


Uncommented progressbar part in Devil tower (42920b27)

Adjusted death event for Emperium Battleground (724bd3bf)


Added Epoque to mailmap (c80b8acf)

List of Contributors:

@aleos89, @AnnieRuru, @Atemo, @attackjom, @Badarosk0, @BrOgBr, @cahya1992, @c0nflicts, @Daegaladh, @Epoque1, @esu1214, @Everade, @exneval, @functor-x, @JohnnyPlayy, @keitenai, @Lemongrass3110, @marky291, @mrjnumber1, @Indigo000, @raelemagy, @teededung, @Tokeiburu, @zhqfdn

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