October + November Digest 2019

October + November Digest 2019

October Digest 2019

The following digest covers the month of October 2019.

Staff Changes:


Development Highlights:


Fixed inventory check while buying item issue


Fixed achievementexists script command

Fixed memory management for achievements

Fixed reply for adding to equip switch

Removed jAthena 1082 legacy code regarding castle defense rate

Corrected NPC view constant verification

Fixed SG_FRIEND not increasing TK_COUNTER’s rate when MO_COMBOFINISH is used

Corrected atcommand mobinfo for VIP

Corrected battle config default_fixed_castrate

Fixed renewal ASPD passive modifiers

Fixed script command getunits

Fix item bonus SkillUseSPRate

Corrected Gentle Touch skills


Added new missing hateffects

Lowered Eden Uniform Tier 1 level requirement to level 7

Updated nightmare biolab monsters drops

Updated Achievement EXP to official values

Job Improvement Project – Sura

Updated Ninja Skills


Questinfo requirement update

Payon script header fix

Added game ID check for Horror toy factory instance

Lighthalzen Quest NPC ID Fix

Added official Malangdo Guide

Corrected Dual Monster Race wager check


Fixed small mistake in VS filters

Updated EditorConfig

Ignore files generated by CMake in CMakeFiles directory

November Digest 2019

The following digest covers the month of November 2019

Staff Changes:


Development Highlights:


Added bonus bVariableCast and bonus2 bSkillVariableCast for Pre-renewal

Added progress for loading yaml databases

Fixed code for Star Gladiator day calculation


Fixed missing modes of Malangdo Culvert mobs

Corrected Bacsojin Pet


Fixed quest_16_1 typo

Corrected Succession of the Prince quest


Added support for constants in csv2yaml

Added unsigned rate support for yaml

Fixed appveyor building

Updated the CSV2YAML tool to utilize YAML Emitter

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