IP.Blogs - Should they return to our forums?

We’d like to hear your thoughts – please select the poll option that best describes how you feel about bringing the blogs back to rAthena. If they’re brought back, there’s a possibility that the old blogs from our IPB3.3/4 days several years ago can be imported as they’re still stored safely within our forum’s database. (I can’t say I’m overly excited about seeing some of my own blog posts, but

October + November Digest 2019

October Digest 2019 The following digest covers the month of October 2019. Staff Changes: None. Development Highlights: CORE: Fixed inventory check while buying item issue Corrected RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_element_USER Fixed achievementexists script command Fixed memory management for achievements Fixed reply for adding to equip switch Removed jAthena 1082 legacy code regarding castle defense rate Corrected NPC view constant verification Fixed SG_FRIEND not increasing TK_COUNTER’s rate when MO_COMBOFINISH is used Corrected atcommand mobinfo

This Bose SoundSport Cyber Monday deal offers wireless earbuds for under $100

This Bose SoundSport Cyber Monday offer keeps coming back for more. Thanks to today’s amazing Cyber Monday deals , you can pick up a set of the wireless earbuds for under $100 at Walmart. They carry that quality Bose sound you’d expect but also throw in some nifty features that usually push them to a price point closer to $150. While they’re not truly wireless, these runners’ earbuds use a

Amazon introduces AI-powered note-taking to help doctors focus on patients’ needs

Over at AWS re:Invent 2019, Amazon has launched a new machine learning-powered service which can transcribe conversations between doctors and patients, effectively creating a digital copy of those consultations with relative ease. Amazon Transcribe Medical automatically (and accurately) converts speech-to-text and recognizes medical terms, putting that text straight into the patient’s medical record. It can also pull off tricks like inserting punctuation so the doctor doesn’t have to worry about

Google data collection set to be investigated by EU

The European Commission has revealed to Reuters that EU antitrust regulators are currently investigating Google’s collection of data despite the fact that the search giant has already received record fines in the EU. An EU executive said that antitrust regulators are seeking more information on how and why Google is collecting data. In an email to Reuters , the EU regulator explained that the European Commission has already begun a

Why use relational databases in the age of NoSQL

Relational databases have existed for more than 40 years now. They’ve changed little over that period and while they work well, they couldn’t answer the scalability demands of cloud native apps that we find all around us. That’s where NoSQL stepped in to fill the scalability void. It’s gotten to a point where many perceive the advent of NoSQL databases have sounded the death knell for relational ones.  Matt Yokovit,

Apple's iPhone 11 range hits its lowest SIM-free price ever this Cyber Monday

Over Black Friday and now with Cyber Monday deals , Apple’s latest and greatest have completely exceeded our expectations. In typical Apple fashion, we expected the deals to be limited and yet we’ve had some wonders on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and now some exceptional SIM-free phone deals too. So exceptional in fact, that all of Apple’s latest devices – the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

This super-cheap Smart Lock might be the best smart home deal we've seen yet

There’s nothing better than the peace of mind that comes from your home being secure, and the August Smart Lock goes a long way to providing that. And, luckily, for Cyber Monday, it’s cheaper than ever.  Right now at Amazon, the August Smart Lock is just $55, a massive price slash from its original $149 price tag – that’s 63% off. If you need a smart lock in your smart

Don't miss out on IPVanish's ridiculously good Cyber Monday VPN deal - it ends today

Cybersecurity joined all those tech, hardware and gadget sales this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as VPN deals showed that they would not be outdone on the bargain battleground. And with IPVanish’s stellar offer, why shouldn’t cybersecurity shine? If you subscribe today you’ll be getting 73% off its yearly plan, meaning all of your VPN needs will be taken care of for as little as $3.25 (around £2.50) a month

Four super Cyber Monday broadband deals that end today (and two that don't)

I t’s not time to panic…yet. But the inevitable end of Black Friday’s best broadband deals is upon us. The minute the Cyber Monday deals start, they’re immediately on borrowed time. So if it’s that time of year in your household where you have to start searching high and low for the ideal plan, consider this your go-to guide. Yep, we’ve done all the hard work for you and tracked