Wanted: Creativity

For some time now, the development of Lust has continued behind the scenes in a purely technical capacity. What does this mean?

Well, new features and functions have been developed which enables the game to have more content for daily play, seasonal quests, storylines, etc, but no actual game content has been added for quite a while. No new quests, no storylines, just back-end functions ready for someone creative to come up with something.

This is where you guys come in. I’m looking for someone with at least 3 brain cells that can spend a day or two playing around on the beta server looking for improvements, and then spend the rest of their life coming up with content in the form of ideas and creative writing that can be used/added in the future. Using the public Trello board for inspiration is a good place to start, as that’s where all the available in-game systems are detailed before they’re launched.

As it stands, the game itself is playable but you’ll run out of things to do as there’s not enough content. I need to change that, but being creatively challenged, it’s not something I can do on my own.

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